The Ultimate Guide to 2019 Benefit Trends 

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The Ultimate Guide to 2019 Benefit Trends

by Jonathan King (December 5, 2018)



The New Year is almost here, and benefits are buzzing!


Here are the top five benefits employers are looking to add to their benefits package this coming year.


1. Standing Desks

Standing desks are one of the fastest-growing benefit trends at the moment, and it looks as though offices will continue to fight against a sedentary workplace in 2019! While the health benefits connected to standing desks are many, don’t throw the traditional desks in the dumpster just yet. It's probably best to keep a mix of standing and sitting desks in your workplace so employees can alternate their time between the two – and choose which type of desk best fits their needs. 


2. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Fidelity Investments has seen significant growth in HSAs this year with a 50% increase in assets over 2018. Healthcare costs continue to be a top financial concern for all Americans, as more people are prioritizing healthcare savings. There’s no doubt HSAs will only improve employers’ overall benefits programs –as well as employee well-being – in the New Year.


3. Paid Parental Leave

Family leave isn’t just unpaid anymore. Although there is still no national policy on paid leave, tech companies are paving the way when it comes to paid policies. Microsoft recently announced that they would start requiring business partners and suppliers to offer a minimum of 12 weeks paid family leave. Businesses will follow in their footsteps, and expanded family leave policies will be on the rise throughout 2019.


4. No Dress Code

Flexible working arrangements have become a must for top talent, which means casual dress codes. Most employees feel like having a relaxed work environment helps them balance work-life responsibilities. If your office isn’t ready to ditch the tie, consider having a few casual dress days per week.


5. Paid Volunteer Opportunities

More employers plan to offer employees paid time off to volunteer in 2019. This benefit goes far beyond a pat on the back. Employees often become more engaged in their daily work when they have the opportunity to give back to the community. This benefit is especially important if your company is trying to attract younger employees. Millennials are more interested in growth and development than they are salary.


Want to talk more about 2019 trends? Reach out today – we’re happy to discuss.